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Do we have a telephone number?

Yes we do. It is 07 3232 1251. We have a basic answering service but if you require to follow up an order or talk to us about an issue, please send us an email to: (questions about our products, getting a B2B account, etc)

Written communication allows for fewer errors and more efficient process which translates to a better service.



What payment options do I have?

  1. PAYMENT BY EFT: Commonwealth Bank of Australia | BSB: 064-155 |Account: 10283930
  2. PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD (using eWay secure credit card payment): call (02) 9045 9210 or +612 9045 9210 (from overseas) and state: Biller Code: 379842. Have your credit card details ready
  3. PAYPAL:

Can I get a refund?

We need to review your case. We will require an email to stating the reason for requesting a refund. As long as the items are unopened within 30 days, refund is an available option. Make sure to review the return policy for more information.

Can I request a credit?

Due to the nature of our business which is sourcing specialized ingredients directly from overseas producers, all orders need to be prepaid.

How to download invoices?

Go to the top of the page and click on “My account” (You need to be logged. It is located at the top right corner).

 Then, click on “View Orders Status”. This option allows you to see your past order and also see the details using the button “View order details”. Please click the button “View order details”.

Finally, you can use the button “Print invoice” to download as a PDF or print it.

Shipping and delivery

How long does delivery take?

Click in the link to see more information on typical transit times.

Do you offer urgent delivery service?

If your order is very urgent we strongly suggest paying by credit card or Paypal as the payment is recorded instantly. This way, your order can be dispatched the next working day. This would be the most urgent delivery service. Make sure to take into account the transit times to your location. EFT payments should take 1-3 business days to be cleared.

Can I use the courier of my preference?

If you wish to have more control on the transit or cost of shipping, we can arrange having the goods ready to be picked up from our depot by the courier of your preference.

Is access to the depots allowed to the general public?

As per our company policy, public access to our warehouse is not permitted. This policy is in place to allow a more efficient distribution and logistics process.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes. Although entrance to the warehouse is not allowed, you can arrange delivery of your order at the depot’s address. You can mark the proper option when putting your order through the store. If you have made the purchase by email, please mention this before we send you the sales order / quote. If you do not make mention of this, shipping fees will be charged automatically by the system. Once the payment is cleared we will email you the packing list and the code of your order. You will need this information to pick up the order.

What is the leading time?

Orders are usually dispatched the next business day. Handling is done fairly quickly right before it’s shipped to your location. 

Is there any reduced shipping cost for orders of high volume?

You can use the shipping calculator to confirm if your order is eligible. For further information on your specific case please email

Could you ship a product to my customer on my behalf?

Yes. If you are not using an online account please email with the correct shipping address.

Why I cannot put a PO BOX as my delivery address?

Due to weight and dimension restrictions with Australian Post, PO boxes are not allowed as valid delivery addresses.

Can I send an order to two different delivery addresses?

No, it is not possible. An order cannot be split into different addresses. If you want to ship do different locations, you will need to place separate orders. This simplifies our logistics and helps us give you a better service.

Do we reach New Zealand?

Yes. We encourage you to visit our website at to browse through our products in New Zealand and make purchases.

How are shipping charges calculated?

There are 4 possible shipping methods at Maretai Online Store:

  1. Op 1 - Courier: It is mainly done via TNT Australia–shipping charge depending on the shipping zone of your delivery area (max weight 25Kg per parcel).
  2. Op 2 - Ship by weight: It is for orders where more than 1 product is purchased, we will do shrink & wrap in order to reduce shipping charges per parcel rather than per product– shipping charge depending on the shipping zone of your delivery address.

How can I calculate my shipping charge?

Please use the shipping calculator when checking out (before paying you can check delivery charges on your  shopping cart).


Can I sample your products before I place my first order?

Yes. Samples are free and you can receive up to 5 different products in 30- 50g bags each. There is a flat fee of $20 that covers shipping and handling. Make sure to click here to purchase your sample. Cacao paste and cacao butter samples are sent bars of 600g and 500g respectively.

Can I request just 1 sample in the envelope?

As per our company policy, we are unable to send individual samples as we have already available a sample pack which contains a wide variety of products in catalogue. However we can toss a single sample with a purchase.

Can I repack the products as they are?

Our products are dispatched packed with our private label and showing our valid certification logos. You are not allowed to repack any products as per organic and food regulations our products need to be sold to the final customer in their original packaging. You cannot add a different brand or any claim to our products. If you were to repack using your brand, by the organic standard you are not allowed to transfer our certification logos into your packing as you need to get your own certification as a Repacker/Relabeller. You need to contact ACO or any other certifier and get your certification under your company name.

How to open Virgin Coconut Oils pails

  1. Find the start of the side-strip and cut with a cutter tool:
  2. Find the top of the strip
  3. Pull and cut off the main strip. As you pull you can use the cutter to help you at the beginning     since it can be difficult to break the first part
  4. Continue pulling and breaking the main strip
  5. Once the full strip is off, pull the lid with the tips of your fingers or use a special tool

How to open big blocks of paste or butter?

To break the larger blocks of cacao butter or cacao paste, you can use a food grade chisel and a rubber hammer. The blocks will break easily as if you were breaking a large piece of wax.

Do you have volume discount prices?

Volume related discounts are case sensitive. Please email with the amount you would require to verify if discount prices apply.

Accounts: Retailers, B2B Customers, Wholesalers, Suppliers

I’m a  supplier looking to offer my products. Where can I send you my information?

The best thing to do is to fill out a Wholesale Enquiry form and your contact details will be passed on to the management for evaluation.

What information do I have to provide in order to become a wholesale customer?

Due to our company policy, to provide access to pricing as well as our B2B wholesale portal, you need to be setup as an Australian business. If your company is not set up in Australia or if you are a newly created company that doesn’t have an ABN yet, please fill out our contact form You would also need to share the website of your company. If you still don’t have a website you can provide your company’s social media platforms.

What are you privacy policies?

You can review our privacy policy page for more information.


What’s the minimum purchase for wholesale customers?

Minimum of purchase for wholesale customers is $550 + shipping.

I have received my order and some items are missing. What should I do?

Due to the type of packaging, orders with missing items can be visible before accepting the parcels/sachets. Please read the information here to set up a claim about incomplete deliveries.

My order is wrong where could I send this item and receive my correct item?

Please read the information here to set up a claim about wrong / damaged deliveries.

Why I have not received my order yet after a week of placing it?

Please make sure that your order has not gone out of the ETA for your region. You can confirm that information here. Shipping and logistics are done by a third party provider and is beyond our control. In any case, please inform this to and we will be happy to assist.



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